"As an industry association specializing in the technological and regulatory issues faced by gaming equipment manufacturers, AGEM provides its members a unique forum for targeted educational and professional networking and promotional opportunities. Its position as a co-sponsor of G2E means that AGEM members enjoy direct representation in the most important international trade show in the gaming industry. "
Gaming Partners International

"AGEM has significantly increased the amount of cooperation between the manufacturers. In addition, it has allowed us (the manufacturers) to speak to the industry and legislating bodies with one clear, concise voice. AGEM is the vehicle for smaller manufacturers to have a vote and influence the outcome of all activities in which AGEM is involved."
Spielo International

More From Our Members    

"AGEM gives the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers a common voice tackling a wide variety of global gaming issues. It's refreshing that companies that compete so fiercely against each other can work together for the benefit of the industry as a whole."— Bally Technologies

"AGEM is THE global trade organization for gaming manufacturers. It is very important for both networking and providing a voice for our segment of our industry."
- Wells-Gardner/AG&E

"AGEM has become a global force for good within the gaming industry and has give the suppliers a powerful voice that we didn't have a decade ago. AGEM is making a true difference and improving the overall business climate for our members." — Konami Gaming

"AGEM provides the opportunity for the manufacturers to present legislative, regulatory and social issues that may affect the industry. Being a member of AGEM has allowed Shuffle Master to gain more insight into the political and regulatory arenas through the sharing of information from all of the members."
SHFL Entertainment

"The Association of Gaming Manufacturers supports the gaming industry through trade shows, contributions for responsible gaming, attention to government affairs and many other facets of promoting the gaming industry. This is also the mission of IPS, to assist with the promotion of responsible gaming and the expansion of the market. We are a proud to be a member of AGEM and feel strongly that our membership in the association will be beneficial to our business growth." — IPS

It's important to have a venue for an intelligent exchange of ideas amongst gaming industry professionals." — James Industries Inc.

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